Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Full Friday

This I am grateful for:
  • Air conditioning (the a/c went out at our office Wednesday and it was miserable!)
  • Lush green grass (from all the rain, it is so pretty!)
  • Getting to spend the evening with my extended family
  • My hubby feeling better (he had a sinus infection)
What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. This week I'm grateful for:

    Great customer service - as I had to get a new wash machine. The company we went with were fantastic and a pleasure to deal with!

    Great morning weather - so I can get out there and jog

    Fridays & weekends - Husband is home and we can have much needed family time, as during the week can get hectic and busy

  2. This week I am grateful for:
    The beautiful park near my house
    Retail therapy
    My adorable dog Murray
    And still feeling a bit better each day!

  3. This week I'm grateful for my friends who speak truth & wisdom into my life!

  4. I love reading all of your gratitude!

    Allison, glad you are feeling better!

    { Lindsey }


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