Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bubblegum Yum!

When I was a little one my parents had a vintage gumball machine that I loved. My mom even cross-stitched me a little bubblegum piece for my room. Aren't all children into bubblegum? It is so fun and innately immature (in the best way). Here are some pretty bubblegum photos that remind me of yesteryear.

Photos: 1. Marianne's Bubblegum, 2. Bubblegum (Explore!), 3. ■ ъսъъlε, 4. Want A Gum Ball?, 5. Bubble, 6. Bubblegum Machine, 7. Bubble Gum Macro, 8. Burst My Bubble, 9. Bubblicious


  1. Just discovered your blog! Its fantastic! I will definitely be following! =)

    & I love gumball machines! Such cute pictures!

  2. Berry:

    So glad you found me! I'm grateful for your visit and hope you'll drop by often.

    I love gumball machines too...I'd love to find a vintage one and fix it up. So fun!

    Gratefully yours,

    { Lindsey }

  3. I love all these images all together. I have been wanting to take bubble gum pictures and here is all the inspiration I need all together. Thanks!


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