Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ruffles on Etsy

{ Lirola }

Given my love of ruffles it will come as no surprise that the frocks in this shop caught my eye. The beautiful colors and sweet frills (and good prices!) have put a few of these pieces on my wish list. Take a look and I bet you'll add to yours too!


  1. Be still my heart...I love ruffles too. Great finds.

  2. I've seen this esty shop before... Lovely things - and I adore the antique necklace that is in several of the pictures. I have one almost exactly like it that I've only worn a few times... Maybe I should pair it with some ruffles.

  3. Betsy + Yvonne: Glad I share my ruffle love with you!

    Kate, I think you may need to buy one of those tops...after all your necklace would coordinate so well. ;-)

    { Lindsey }


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