Monday, June 8, 2009

Cut (Glass) Me a Deal

Last weekend was a great weekend for garage sales in my area with plenty of thrifty opportunities. So the hubs and I headed out to try and find some good bargains. We ended up with a few really great deals my favorite of which I had to share!

At the very last sale we attended we really hit the jackpot. The couple was shutting things down and just wanted to avoid having to pack up their unwanted items. So we helped them out by taking some cut glass off their hands and they gave us a great deal. Wanna see what $4 worth of glassware looks like?

For a whopping $4 we headed home with almost 30 vintage sundae/ice cream glasses. Perfect for throwing an ice cream party for kiddos or serving up a layered salad. The options are endless! Also coming home with were 16 small bowls, a few glasses, 4 tea cups and saucers, a candy dish and a vase in the Anchor Hocking Early American pattern. Funny thing is my mom has served puddings and fruit from this very pattern for years--now I have my own set.

Stay tuned for pics of my finds in action!


  1. wow! that really is the jackpot! Your blog is fantastic!

  2. Danielle, that is how I felt when I bought them all! Jackpot!!!!

    Thanks for the compliment...I hope you'll visit often!

    { Lindsey }


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